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10 Ridiculously Simple Training Tips (Artistic / Business Series) (English 10 Ridiculously Simple Sales Tips touches on all the things you ne.
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Test cheap.

10 Ridiculously Simple Marketing Tips by John DeGaetano

Budget only what you can afford to lose. And never run more than one ad in a given period. The only ads that reliably make a profit, it seems, are those at BookBub. Test small!

10 Ridiculously Simple Business Tips That Will Help You Beat Your Competition

On the verge of completion of my novel, your tips inspired me to revisit my work and I could set many things right. You have my salute and a lot of good writer karma. Would the above count as enough to have produced my own original voice? Or must I still write five novels before I can successfully market? Those are fabulous credentials, Katharine! At Amazon, only sales count. Only sales count. Focus on getting great sales for your first book s and the Amazon algorithms will notice you. John, I really enjoyed this article, your ever present whit and the wide circle from which you pitch your posts never fail to impress me.

So to point the arrow at say the literary side only, would chase away more than half of your readers. Therefore, I enjoyed the article. I am very … um, loose if you get my drift afa writing and reading is concerned. This advice served me well throughout my life. He told me never to be scarred of anything, not to count myself as either too high or too low where reading matter is concerned, but always to read with a pencil in hand.

Only to take notes and learn from either good or bad writing. By myself I quickly arrived at never allowing any author to bore me.

See a Problem?

Not in a commercially written story, and even less in a literary book. And if these two things can be gathered into one book, how much more rewarding. His Shibumi is one of my all time favourites. His writing is not so literary that you have to stop reading to get back into life.

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His concept of the anti-hero really thrilled me. The small man. Not that his main characters were small, And thanks for providing the real name: Rodney William Whitaker. By the way, is he still alive? Or rather; did he only write 5 books? And I am so happy to see your hates expressed so gently.

25 Ways to Increase Online Sales

And yes, they are mine too, esp Elmore, what a facetious name that is; it prevented me from ever reading a single one of his books. Where as years ago I waded through some Harold Robins-going-nowhere-but fortunately- fast … And then I found people like Ondaatje who could mesmerize me with language and story and plot and slow passages and sound and colour and smells and memorable characters. My all time favourite is a forgotten UK author Charles Morgan. Thanks for this reminder about the other side of writing without which no writer can ever become one; the little foxes that spoil the vines on the road of becoming a bestseller author.

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Nice to see you here, Engemi. Of course, the idea is not new. Thanks for a great post with really good tips. I am currently writing a series and your tips will come in handy! What do you think about my name, Margaret Nystrom?

I would love a suggestion from you for a pen name. Subject to your genre, how about truncating your first name eg. Or Blaze Nystrom?

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Or even Blaze Steel? John, once more a great post with wonderful advice. Many thanks, Penny. To read a blog to get out of the bog sounds like a metaphor. I learned the definition of bog on the streets, in the pages of The Replacement Bridesmaid by Laurie Ralston, to be exact. Thank you Dr J. Apparently, not.

Zig Ziglar : 5 Steps To Successful Selling

Must have leaned on a button. Sorry for casting aspersions. The plot worthy of the reader is a crucial aspect of a novel, as this post asserts,. I think the plot also has to be worthy of the writing for a satisfying novel to emerge. I heartily recommend Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz, a stylistic genius. The structure is badly flawed — he wrote the novel in a hurry to capitalize on the success of his brilliant The House Of Silk — but the twist in the last chapter just blows you away.

I posted a lengthy comment, saying thank you for a really useful post, and I commented on the lure of a character who defies the aging process and returns us to our treasured youth, as Kinsey Millhone does, but it disappeared. Have I been blacklisted? Just too senile?

Fret not, Linda. The comment thread software here is eccentric. A day later and it pops back again! Patience, patience…. Yes, John, I know how true all of these points are. Or am I talking rubbish? Or just being too hopeful? Good point, Mick.

If we develop our own Voice and follow it thereafter, are we being formulaic? Nothing wrong with being formulaic. To their mutual joy. He knows me better than I do. Headlights move along the embankment like bright insect eyes, the Charles River rippling darkly. Across the Harvard Bridge the city of Boston is a glittery barrier separating the earthbound empires of business and education.