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For the first time, a book which provides an in-depth account showing in vivid detail how the elderly are subjected to inhumane treatment by the Canadian Health.
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In March , hundreds of civilians took to the streets of Daraa to protest the kidnapping, torture and incarceration of 15 young students by the Assad regime. A year-old boy, Hamza al-Khateeb, was tortured and killed. As the protests over the captive children escalated, Assad cracked down ferociously, labeling the protesters terrorists. Regime forces fired openly at them, dragged families out of their homes and arrested them, many never to be seen again.

Snipers sat atop mosques where protesters gathered, looking for clear shots to the head. Assad shut off water, power and phone lines, which alone resulted in the deaths of hundreds. Journalists and aid groups were barred from entry. After the siege of Daraa, similar affronts occurred in Baniyas, Homs, Talkalakh, Latakia and other cities. By May — just two months after the initial protests in Daraa — the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria reported 1, had been killed.

Horrific death of the little girl betrayed by fear and blunders | Daily Mail Online

Since then, Assad has waged war on his own people, largely unfettered. The U. While our goals in Syria were never clearly enumerated by then-President Obama or President Trump, throughout the war one of our most committed and effective allies in the fight has been the Kurds. Denied their own state in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran after World War I, the Kurds have suffered multiple attempted genocides and ethnic cleansing; they are often called the largest ethnic group without a state.

In recent years, hostilities have erupted in Turkey, driving them out to the Syrian border. Disciplines Health Health Care Policy. Miles M. About the Book The news that the United States tortured prisoners in the war on terror has brought shame to the nation, yet little has been written about the doctors and psychologists at these prisons. From Our Blog. About the Author Steven H.

Given that at least a dozen prisoners -- and likely more -- have died by homicide in military prisons this decade, many have wondered how often doctors monitored torturous interrogations without intervening, as was mandated by designers of the interrogation program. The newly released edition of Miles' book "Oath Betrayed" discusses this aspect of the al-Khatani interrogation. Back then it was a police barracks, with rooms requisitioned by Special Branch to quiz Pedro. He began pointing to locations on a map around Arenal where he claimed the guerrillas were based.

We took pictures of him and the British army audio recorded all the interview onto a tape. They carefully sifted the quality of his intelligence. They ensured we got every detail on background about Pedro and why he joined the guerrillas. Pedro said he was from a guerrilla stronghold in Guatemala. At that time Rioss Mont was wiping out entire villages. A small Gazelle aircraft was waiting for them, with its glass dome to aid aerial observations.

Kurds Have Been Preparing for Trump’s Syria Betrayal—With a Vengeance

There was only room for four: the pilot, Pedro, John and a broody British soldier who would lead any subsequent ground operations against the guerrillas. The flight did not go well. It was the scariest mission I went on.

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The man was confused, and from there we realised. The British army conducted altitude tests on its pilots in , to monitor how they coped with the humidity in Belize. The tests showed even highly trained airmen rapidly lost fluids. After the Gazelle landed back in Benque, the army pushed for a larger-scale search mission. This time, a larger Puma helicopter was waiting for them at Benque stadium, packed with troops. They had all the weaponry you could think of, and bullet-proof vests. It was not an ordinary patrol.

I think they were SAS, from the way they behaved. By contrast to the elite soldiers, John was armed with only a small revolver. The helicopter dropped them into the jungle at an opening half a mile from Arenal, and they began to hunt for guerrillas. Eventually we realised he was taking us for fools. We slept the night there and it was one of the scariest nights of my life.


They camped and put me with Pedro and I saw them disappear. They made a circle around us with wires, so if any intruder walked in it would trigger. The guerillas have machine guns, carbines, what the heck am I doing with a. Despite these threats, the man remained quiet.

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  • Eventually John and the special forces commander decided to call for a helicopter to extract them. They landed back at Benque, where the Finco picked them up in his car and took them back to police barracks. By now, the mood was much more adversarial. Pedro started to cry, saying he did not want to go back to Guatemala because they would kill him for failing to find the camp.

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    John relayed the situation to the head of Special Branch, while the Finco spoke to his superior. He assumes Jenkins was consulted, because it took an hour to get a decision and the protocol back then was to call the advisor. The response was inconclusive. They would kill innocent people, just based on what an informant said. And when Rios Montt sent jets to bomb the mountains, it was like an exodus. There were hundreds of people coming continuously into Belize who got UN protection. I asked John why Pedro was not eligible.

    If we gave him asylum Guatemala would say we were granting shelter to guerrillas. In this shadow war of spy games, of agents, double agents and perhaps even triple agents, the priority was not to protect the source, but to prevent blowback. Finally, John turned to the vexed issue of the tape. In the end, it was a joint order from Belize and Britain to tell John and the Finco to hand back Pedro.

    I asked John if the British had really authorised this, or whether it was Belize alone.


    He repeatedly ruled out the latter scenario. The poor BDF did not even have the capability to confront rebels. With the fateful order now in motion, the same Kaibil came back to Benque to collect Pedro. The desperate man was waiting downstairs in the police barracks, unaware of what was about to unfold. He had been kept inside under close supervision whenever he was not out on patrol, and was effectively in custody.