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pictures of the beautiful island. Mountains and beaches. I invite you to journey around Mallorca. Let's go! Urszula Miller.
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Vertigo dressed this debut LP in an elaborate sleeve. The Uglys cut five singles before ending up at MGM, where these tracks were pressed on a handful of demos before being ditched. I Will Follow WIP was issued in a number of formats with these 50 brown vinyl mis-pressings being particularly scant. It flopped.

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EMI destroyed most of these. Just added to the online guide. The rarest Beatles export album, with an Odeon label and Odeon sticker on the rear of the Apple sleeve. How many of these were removed by punters at the time, not thinking that they were devaluing their inheritance? Bowie expected this single — his first for Mercury — to chart, but coming eight months after his space novelty, it sold a mere copies.

This Irish pressing of the single is utterly, hideously rare. Decca rejected it, so the band pressed up these test pressings in a handmade sleeve. They split in A track like Blindness opens with a lovely organ fugue before oozing into backwater Floyd. Did zilch in the UK. A pressing plant experiment on red vinyl with three or four known copies.

If I was there I would come and see you. This solitary copy survived. Back in I asked if anyone has seen one of these promotional padded sleeve editions. A dealer came forward with a copy of the album in what looked like a padded silk frame. If authentic, it would probably be one of the rarest Stones promos.

Starr and designer Robin Cruickshank entered a business partnership to design and market steel and glass furniture. The Bopping Elf won. This price is for either test pressing or the labels — not both together. This press kit launched the first four Apple singles.

This price is for rarer sets in matt plastic boxes rather than the more common card ones. These test pressings have OCTO 1 in the run-out groove.

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Cochran was 16 when he recorded this song about falling in love with a shop assistant. Time has not curbed its drive.

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The Low Road is an average ballad, but the souped-up flip could give you palpitations. Six copies are known to exist. This LP hardly sold and is now one of the top 70s rarities. These test pressings exist. A handful of copies in finished picture sleeves that credit Independence Day as the B-side. When officially released in February , the B-side was changed to Be True. Only 50 finished sleeves in the smaller format are thought to have been made. EMI had to contract Beatles pressings out to other companies to meet demand.

Illustrated Album of Mallorca (Photo Books Book 4)

In the wake of the film and the first landing on the moon, Philips thought that they had a hit on their hands. This item seems to suggest that there were plans to launch the record in an eye-catching picture sleeve, which was uncommon for UK singles at the time. It was subsequently issued in mono and went Top 5. There are only two known copies in circulation of six cut. This Northampton band, led by Steve Giles on guitar and vocals, found it hard to make headway performing original material.

Giles took Dark into a studio in April , but when they went back for five days in the line-up had changed to Giles, Ron Johnson bass , Clive Thorneycroft drums and Martin Weaver guitar. This second version of the record is limited to eight copies and comes in a black-and- white handmade gatefold sleeve, some containing a booklet.

US copies are cheap, but there are only a handful of UK pressings. They were especially reticent when Lennon submitted the naked photo he wanted to use for the cover.

Most of these mono copies were destroyed when Lennon demanded that the record be remixed in stereo. Showing related article Melbourne's Biggest Family Album Collection In Museum Victoria embarked upon a community collecting project with past and present Melburnians, who searched their private albums for their favourite photographs of Melbourne.

Over family photographs were collected The cows wear timber collars to stop them sucking their own They are both wearing hats and shorts. Daphne Wescombe is seated on the left, second row from the front.

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He spent many months based at the Royal Park then Ascot The apples have been cored and are hung on lines strung on a verandah. There is a domed structure to her left.

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The Bill Boyd Photographic Collection consists of negatives on film and 56 photographs on paper depicting Sharpe's Bakery is on the right and the flour mills on the left. Photographed during World War I, some of the boys are wearing military The Bill Boyd Photographic Collection consists of negatives on film and The reason for the gathering is unknown, although the plaque held by the solder suggests a commemorative event The advertisement described how the building was 'on elevated ground There is another doll and a plate on the table.

Dorothy is wearing a dress and long socks. In March The number of men in military uniform suggests it may be a gathering of veterans of World War I.

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Lloyds Butcher shop was on Elgar Road. Doncaster Shopping Town now stands where the tower is in The family includes the children's father Martin Patrick Gillespie, their step-mother Alice Mary, nee The family is pictured, left to right: standing on the path Esther He was later killed in action in World War I at the age of 29 service no. Given his year of birth was , The building was opened to the public in The children are with their ponies in front of Otto Emil The Bill Boyd Photographic Collection consists of negatives on film and 56 photographs on paper depicting farming It is thought that the photographer worked on this building as a solid David Henry Larkin, service , enlisted on 2 June , aged He was an unmarried farm Group includes Mrs Sibthorp?

The Bill Boyd Photographic Collection consists of negatives on film The family group consists of Mr Alexander and his wife Mrs Agnes The multi-award-winning actor satirizes the Trump administration with a collection of poems and illustrations. A concentration camp detainee tasked with permanently marking fellow prisoners falls in love with one of them.

A former prisoner of war returns from Vietnam and moves his family to Alaska, where they face tough conditions. A South Carolina lawyer learns about the questionable practices of a Tennessee orphanage. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Nine people drawn to trees for different reasons fight for the last of the remaining acres of virgin forest. How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery. Historical and cultural analyses on what causes defensive moves by white people and how this inhibits cross-racial dialogue.

After losing a life, Bramblestar's spirit haunts StarClan and sparks suspicions about who may have broken the warrior code. In a world where magic is outlawed and women are forbidden to read, Brystal Evergreen defies the odds. A collection of ten stories told within a ten block radius. After a magical journey with a shooting star, Sulwe discovers her inner beauty. Blue and Toad offer shelter from a storm to other farm animals.

A wizard hones his conjuring skills in the service of fighting evil. Only the five dragonets of destiny can unite the seven warring dragon tribes. Jack and his friends fight for their lives through the zombie apocalypse.