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Can you post a photo of the breaker in question, yes? It is tripping because it is detecting a fault in the circuit which it is designed to protect.

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

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Breakers and Fuses

Hot Network Questions. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. Circuit breakers are color coded green are monitored.

Circuit breakers are color coded. Green are monitored by ECAM. All other colors are not monitored. Yellow breakers are pulled during the procedure for flight on battery power only. Red caps are installed on the wing tip brakes circuit breakers to prevent loss of flap asymmetry protection. All circuit breakers have a letter horizontal and number vertical code. There are many things that cause arcs on a circuit. This could be a short in an appliance, or even a nail that pierced the electrical wiring during construction of the home.

This technology is not without issues however. Sometimes certain appliances or weather events can trick an AFCI breaker into thinking it has detected a fault when none exists. It is best to install power line networking devices on non-AFCI circuits to prevent issues and eliminate the potential frustration of constantly tripping of breakers. If you find your Eaton breaker flashing red after you reset it from a previous trip it is easy to diagnose the underlying issue by counting the number of flashes. After resetting the breaker the LED will flash a set number of times and pause for a second.

It will then repeat this action 30 more times before stopping and turning off the LED until the next trip has occurred or the test button has been pressed. This blink pattern determines why the breaker tripped and will help you diagnosing the problem if one actually exists. Follow these error codes to diagnose the trip.

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  3. How Do You Know If a Circuit Breaker Has Tripped?.
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After resetting from a trip, count the number of flashes and refer the corresponding error code. If the breaker immediately trips again there is either a direct short on the line or the breaker has failed and must be replaced. AFCI breakers still function as standard breakers.

Therefore when a condition that a matches the response of a standard mechanical breaker, a trip will occur without an error code. This is normal behavior. This is most likely the result of a frayed or worn power cord on an appliance, lamp, or fixture.

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Unplug everything from the circuit and then add back one appliance at a time until the trip repeats. The most common type of high current arc is a pierced electrical cable caused by a nail or screw. If the main mechanical breaker fails to take action during a direct short, the electronic system will kick in and force the breaker to trip. The mechanical breaker is most likely faulty and should be replaced.


The breaker monitors for voltages that are volts or greater on a volt circuit. This is most likely due to high voltage from the mains feed or caused by an electrical storm. Reset the breaker. Current normally returns to ground over the neutral wire. The breaker has detected that current is following an alternate path to ground.