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This might be the book you're thinking of. Taka-Chan and I. I used to half-heartedly look for a copy of my daughter.

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I think this is the book you are looking for. There is an alternate title, Take Me to my Friend which is in reference to the sign the hitchhiker had. Julie is the name of the girl and she has to drive her grandmother from Florida to someplace up north. I remember that she doesn't like to drive and is afraid of crossing a bridge. She hides her grandmother's rings in a ball of yarn so the hitchhikers can't get them.

Her boyfriend was supposed to meet them on the way home by putting a red ribbon on the car's antennae. So that's how they get rescued.

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Thank you so much. P This is most likely a book illustrated and maybe even written by James Marshall. Take a look online at some of his illustrations. His style is simple, but distinctive, and you'll probably know right away whether he's the right illustrator. Hi, I solved my own book stumper when I recognised the style of drawing from the cover on the of the books on the 'back in print' pages!

The illustrator turned out to also be the author, James Marshall. I'm so pleased. Much thanks to you and your website!

James Marshall, Taking Care of Carruthers. And it's not an alligator, it's a turtle instead.

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Thanks for the help! The story teller is Noom-Zor-Noom, and he travels with a donkey and a boy named Tal. I think. Illustrated by Ruth Reeves. Purple House Press, , , New hardback edition. Gay, Romney.

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The Tale of Corally Crothers. It was about "Cora Lee Cruthers, She had no brothers. I'm pretty sure the rest of the line is something about a little yellow dog, and a little red wagon and a realio, trulio, little pet dragon. Most anthologies of classic children's poetry include this poem.

Rowan - The Golden Orchid Part 2 (The Rowan Series)

Also posted on a lot of personal web sites. It had a hard cover, tall 11" but not wide, maybe six inches. I think the cover was white. It started with: "Melinda lives in a little white house, with a little brown dog and a little grey mouse. My First Grade teacher, Mrs. Lucas read it to us every day after lunch. At age 6, I could recite the entire prose but now can only remember the first line. Please help. I have been looking for this for over twenty years.

Why does everyone forget the dragon? No solution unfortunately, but it looks like this might be the same as O I almost fainted when I got this book in the mail thank you Amazon! I have been looking for this for twenty years, and as soon as I saw the illustrations, I knew I'd found it.

Thank you so SO much for having this service -- you have solved a mystery that has haunted me for most of my life. Wood, The Tale of the Napkin Rabbit, I'm almost positive this is what you are looking for - it comes with a napkin to fold into the bunny. It might also just be called "The Napking Rabbit". We have a copy at my store, but it doesn't have the napkin with it anymore. I'm not sure if it's still in print or not. A73 spelling shld be Ernest. Sounds like a combination of Magic By the Lake and Half Magic by Edward Eager --the children visit King Arthur's time in the latter and time travel via a lake in the former.

Edward Eager has two books that, combined, could fit this stumper. In Knight's Castle the children travel into the Ivanho story. In Magic By The Lake they do a lot of time-travelling via lake-water.

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Both books have an irreverent humor that might remind the reader of Connecticut Yankee. Edward Eager's time-travel adventures are grouped together under the group title Tales of Magic. Caroline Rush, Tales of Mr. Pengachoosa, Thank you, thank you thank you! This was so fast.

It posted on Monday and was solved on Tuesday! Now to find that book! Tales of Mr. Illustrated by Dominique M. Crown, Weekly Reader Children's Book Club edition. Mains, David R. I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. The boy is called 'Hero', but he does have a scar, and he does pass through fire. He does have a female friend, though I can't remember her name. The stories in the book are Christian allegories.

I JUST bought these after a long search myself! I've soaked them in, re-reading them!!! I don't think I'll ever be too old for these. Bernard Miles , Favo u rite Tales from Shakespeare. Not quite the set of tales included by the querier, but otherwise, sounds like the book in question.

I'm familiar with the work of Victor Ambrus and like it, and am curious to check out this book Nesbit, The Children's Shakespeare, But I thought I'd mention it anyway, just in case. Nesbit , Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children , No contents list available, a retelling of 16 of the plays using "as much as possible of the dialogue".

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch published his retellings in , but he only covered the history plays, so that can't be the one wanted. Perhaps it is from the "Told to the Children" series? They are small hardcover books with yellow dustjackets and a mostly red cover underneath with gilt writing. They have colour plates, but I don't remember any black and white. My father had these growing up in England s , but I think they might be from much earlier.

They are very much treasured in my family. It includes six full-color illustrations by A. Turner and numerous pen-and-ink illustrations by A.