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Sabartes,the Seminarina, and the Infanta escape. Before she escapes, the Infanta strikes a deal with the elves to save the lives of her friends on condition that they never return to the Tooth Fields again. The United States is the only country that will accept them. Sabartes,the Infanta,the Seminarina and Antontio attempt an escape by car but it goes over a cliff and Antonio disappears. Almondine,who herself has been absent for the entire period of the Elf War returns just as everyone is leaving.

She is branded a traitor and baguette and put on trial by her friends. All attempts to avert the deportation to Baltimore fail and the group waits on a"barren toothy field of darkness and huckleberries" for a boat. Chang and Fangitu set off in a bookcase to avoid the Untied Nations Beekeeper boats.

Antonio,Svetlana and her grandfather Octavio, have already reached the United States. They drive from one end of the country to the other and end up in Baltimore.

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Antonio reveals that the only thing he now owns is a Macdonald' s in Sarasota. A chase ensues between the rowboat, the bookcase and the car to reach Sarasota first. Fangitu has an affair with the Seminarina who is gay. Gradually everyone is pulled into a spiral nebula, colliding simultanously.

Episode 49 The affair of Dr. Fangitu comes to an end in Both bank executives, they dethrone the head of the Berlin bank,Mrs. Chang takes over and together with Fangitu they swindle Octavio out of his fortune. Meanwhile in ,Picablo has taken over his father's Macdonald's in Sarasota.

Treadwell recently fired from a Cuban bank as manager. Picablo's mother Svetlana refuses to work at the Macdonald's but eventually becomes a workaholic.

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The Changs also arrive in Sarasota. They say they have arrived to see the Baby Hokiado and Bunzel Dance Company at the Sarasota Dance festival but it's obvious that they are after the Infanta's bank account. Sabartes invites the entire group of disgusted,penniless characters to Blue Oaks, the site of her Mind Institute. Svetlana's amnesiac half brother John leaves the water running in all the Institute's bathrooms.

A huge flood ensues during the Bishop's quotation of "Rolling Down the River". The entire building is swept away by the force of the water. Episode 51 March 25, Dr.


Sabartes' Mind Institute has been flooded and destroyed. The characters escape by various means, helicopter, raft,etc. Chang eventually brings everyone to his estate,Peckerwood. Octavio and Coahuila, the Contessa's dead parents come to Peckerwood to survey the proceedings and shoot Chang's dog Munchausen. Fangitu continues to pursue her old lover Dr. Ibanez to lure him into her fashion business. Chang attempts to buy Picablo's priceless Tar Pit futures. Picablo refuses. John's half sister Lenaria eats Chang's entire peyote collection.

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Everyone is invited by Chang to a state dinner. To everyone's horror he suddenly announces the marriage of the Contessa's ward,the Infanta to Dr. Chang then offers each of the characters millions of dollars to leave his estate forever. Most take the money and stay anyway. The wedding is planned for the following week. All characters are required to attend whether they approve or not. Present at the wedding are many world figures including a United States senator. The wedding has been contrived by Antonio,Chang and Ibanez to defraud the Infanta of her substantial inheritance.

Lolita, appears at the estate and announces that she is the heretofore unknown first wife of Chang. She brings along Sumimazcenka whom she claims is her son by Chang. She relates that in Chang was fearful of his then ten year old son Sumimazcenka. A search begins for the platinum plated diamond studded head of Dr. Treadwell tries to escape with the Infanta and Ibanez. She drops them into Swine Lake which empties into the treacherous sea of Aguilleras. In revenge for her death on the lake Maggie kills Sumiazcenka in Garbonzca City.

The Muerte Segundo. Sumimazcenka sneaks back into Peckerwood with the Friends of the Infanta. The group arrives to witness the ceremonies. They are being given as a wedding gift to the Contessa and the Krimson King.

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They refuse to leave the court and Chang suddenly calls a Hendrix Dinner to vote to remove them as gifts. The Krimson King cancels the wedding. Chang is snubbed by Mr. Antonio has an affair with Almondine in the Ritz Carlton. Chang arranges that Lolita, his former wife, be invited to sing at the convention closing ceremony. Sabartes is stuck in Faluja selling rocket launchers and misses the convention.

Faced with drastic financial losses the group decides to sell the Infanta to marry into the Imperial Family of the Unedited States. They send her to Houston by Federal Express and are assured the continuation of their lifestyles.

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Chang has called a Hendrix dinner in Berlin. Coahuilla has had Harry Potter assassinated. Her great grandson Picablo is revolted.

He spends half a million Euros on Lenin drawings. Sabartes remains stuck in Falluja. Almondine has been exiled from France by Chirac. He has been rehearsing for fifty years. At the Hendrix dinner,the family officially sends the Infanta to the United States to marry into the imperial family thus assuring their future prosperity. Antonio is pleased and his son Picablo is revolted.

A major part of the humor is in the contrast between the fearsome events and the prim, almost ascetic physicality. Jesurun himself opens each episode with a summary of prior events, delivered in an offhand mumble that makes them seem even more outrageous. Some of the cast act up a storm, others just ride on their personal mannerisms. Chang, the evil, appetitive creature whose greed drives the plot, is played by a duo—thin, androgynous, aloof John Hagen and rotund, intense, seething Donna Herman. Though many of the characters have been killed, they continue to assert themselves and affect the story.

ArtForum, Oct, , by John Hagan.

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It was perhaps the first of many "episodic plays" to appear in New York downtown theater, and it came about when Jesurun, lacking funds to produce his film scripts, decided to stage them instead. The decision to offer me the role of Chang, a nefarious businessman with international connections and "diplomatic immunity in 52 countries," resulted from Jesurun's desire to double-cast the part in order to relieve the actress playing it from the weekly responsibility.

The production formula rarely varied: We performed on Monday; Jesurun wrote a new script on Tuesday; we met at his apartment to read it on Wednesday and Friday. Basic staging was done at the Pyramid on Sunday, often to be modified up until the moments before the show began.

The next day, the process would start again. Each episode consisted of many short scenes and the occasional marathon one , with repartee sometimes beginning or ending midsentence in filmlike jump cuts. Rich in description and allusions history, geography, rock bands , Chang's demented dialogue was also highly structured, in almost musical fashion, with constant repetitions and variations - making the language as difficult to pin down as the elusive Chang himself.

The scripts outrageously traversed time and space, and sheets were posted backstage during the show, reminding us not only what scene was next, but what country and century it took place in.

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If the scripts brooked no spatiotemporal restraints, the real-life practicalities of space, time, and budget necessitated, and may even have fostered, a simple and rather ingenious stagecraft, based on the use of large white foamcore boards. Each episode contained a number of "cinematic" effects, the most famous of which were "aerial shots" created by placing actors on their sides, stomachs, and backs atop specially built platforms, so that the audience felt as if they were watching the action from a bird's-eye view.

Between scenes, actors scrambled to new positions.